Things That Wrong When Using Laptop

Notebook or Laptop seems to have become commonplace only in our everyday lives. From parents, youth and junior high, elementary school had already and brought it everywhere. But do you know that we are often negligent in the use of laptop?

The following things are common mistakes of using Notebook 

1. Battery charge is too long
When we use laptops to do the tasks of the office or even just a fad, we often use laptop in the same time with battery charge itself. we often forget and too focus on things we are doing on the laptop without realize that electricity continues to charge our laptop batteries even though it had full enough. As a result, electricity will meet our laptop batteries and after a long time the batteries will leakage or drop. The analogy is tantamount to human overeating, your stomach got hurt, isn't it?

2. Using a laptop to put it on the bed
When we are cool with our laptops, we certainly will use it comfortably. The point here, though we're lying, we will bring the laptop to bed. And that wrong if we put put laptop directly on the bed. The soft pad instead of a bed will cause the laptop is getting hotter because the heat deliver the laptop in return. It is better to put a laptop with a special pad first, like notepad.

3. Using a laptop without battery, with electric charge directly
Here also is the wrong thing done by laptop users. Instead of seeking to save batteries, and when we work with laptops, we took off and then let the laptop batteries charged directly from the mains. Know whether that is really not good. Because when the electricity was constantly into our laptop batteries without passing first, it will quickly damage the laptop hard drive because the flow of electrical power from battery directly without Conductor first.

Done with the tips .. hope it useful