Things That Wrong When Using Laptop

Notebook or Laptop seems to have become commonplace only in our everyday lives. From parents, youth and junior high, elementary school had already and brought it everywhere. But do you know that we are often negligent in the use of laptop?

The following things are common mistakes of using Notebook 

6 Windows Tools That You Should Not Change

If you like to download a free application to replace Windows applications bundled with free alternatives, over time your right to find that in some cases there is not much benefit to be obtained. Therefore it is better if you reduce the number of third party software running on your computer. 

Benefits of Microsoft software has more security and stability, although it does not look as striking feature is widely used as an alternative or at least you can trust that the freeware microsoft's certainly more secure. For that through this post I suggest you not to replace six windows that have been congenital tool from microsoft with other applications. : 

1) System Maintenance 
Windows Vista administrative tools, including many armed Disc Clean-ups, Spyware and Virus scanners and defragmenting. 

If you are running Windows XP then you can use Windows Live OneCare online tools to scan your computer. This will scan for viruses, check your junk files, defragmentation, and system performance. 

A beta version of Vista OneCare is offered free of charge here but I do not support computer system for several reasons, 

10 Tips To Make Your Computer Healthy

1. Do not be too frequent use of peer networks. Although the network Peer-to-peer (P2P) is an easy and quick way to exchange files with users around the world but also P2P networks can be a fast way to spread the virus around the world. So if we are still going to use P2P networks then make sure its safety first.

2. Reinstall
Never stop trying, that we often hear the saying that applies also when we install a software. When we fail to properly install a software then you should not be forced. Take a break for a moment read the installation instructions that usually already available. Then delete the installation files that already exist in the system and then (using Revo Uninstaller is recommended) reinstalling again.

3. Beware of full hard disk
Hard disk full of more or less will affect overall system performance and ideally a third is that we leave an empty space of the total hard disk capacity we have. Start thinking to replace new hard disk with a capacity greater than or buy an external hard disk and then move the files we get there.

Online Gaming 10x Faster

Good news for lovers of this game online lovers. One of the companies for networking technology, recently introduced a network interface card (NIC) for online gaming, Killer 2100. Killer 2100 combine speed, intelligence, and appropriate controls on the needs of gamers with a large throughput and produce software that is easy to use interface.

Killer Game Networking 2100 using DNA technology, has 128 MB of DDR2 RAM specification, a network dedicated 400 MHz processor (NPU), Advanced Game Detect, Windows stack bypass, Visual Bandwidth Control, and several other optimizations that are designed to provide the best experience in online gaming. Networking Game DNA technology can accelerate gaming traffic by reducing stuttering, freezing, and cause other symptoms that can facilitate the gamers in online gaming.

Visual Bandwidth Control in Killer 2100 produce a real time feed back on how bandwidth cabn be used so enable gamers in restricting and blocking applications on the network used. Killer 2100 support for use on Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Hopefully, the above article useful to you all, and back again to read the newest updates.